Background of the Study

Education can simply refers to as transmission of cultural heritage of the society from one generation to other. Education is often referred to as making available to each generation the organized knowledge of the past. According to Ukije (1978), the school is the reflection of the society students exhibit the norms, habit, culture existing to the society. Therefore, the school in Nigeria exhibits the societal behaviour in the Nigeria society. In Nigeria schools, there are numbers of an organization, clubs and societies that organizes educative programmes which has a positive influence on their lives, also contributes to societal cultural, political and economic development. Cultism is a common language, mostly rampant among Nigeria institutions.

Secret cult is very rapid in Nigeria schools they have different names such as pyrates dragon, axe man, Eagle, black power. As often despite its sanction to the community they register with the school authorities, they were recognized, their activities are openly carried out, the matron, patron and their God’s father also member of the school management. Secret society has backup it is recognized that, these societies were holding their meetings in the night. Student fears them are they enjoy the activities and protection of their schools. Side by side, in the societies secret cult was in vogue, well recognized and intimated by the dignitaries in the society. Cultism though anti-social was practiced them with relish. Government did not see anything wrong in cultism. The secret cult societies in the town protect the interest of those within the schools.

Indeed if this trend continues and researchable solution is not find to arrest and prosecute the member of the cultism group it is possible to degenerate to the primary schools. It is worthy mention that some of these schools have guidance counsellors to keep the students to resolve their problems with the counsellors, they should have been well informed about the dangers and consequences of joining the secret cult society. The guidance counsellor with his training is familiar with students.  It is not known whether the students in the secondary schools know that guidance counsellors can help them. As at now with the current situation and research being carried out shows that secondary school students have gone out of control. As a way out there is need to determine the perception of management of secret cult activities in the secondary school.

Statement of the Problems

The problems of this study include that of student’s attitude to the counsellors in Senior Secondary school. The issues of the disturbance of secret cult in Senior Secondary school, why the students participate. The students may perhaps know who what they stand to benefit from being members, the way they were it takes place. This cultism, where its takes place. This call the attention on the part of everybody in that ugly trend could have been nipped in the bud. Also had the student appreciated the role of the guidance counsellor.

The following questions are raised

(1)     Do the secondary school students know that the guidance counsellor can be of help?

(2)     What really is the students’ perception of the role of the guidance cousellor in curbing the activities of secret cult in secondary school?

(3)     Should guidance counsellors mount on enlightment campaign against the joining of secret cult societies?

(4)     Should guidance counsellors device means of detecting strange faces to the schools?

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of the research is to find out the attitude of students towards the guidance counsellors in Senior Secondary Schools. Also to identify how these activities of the students impede effective counseling of the students in secret cults and to recommend possible solutions toward overcoming the problems.

Significance of the Study

This study will be of utmost importance to the guidance counsellors in other to know how the students perceive the role of guidance cousellor role in the school setting generally. This will allows proper adjustment on the part of the school authority and of the counsellor.

The solution to curb cultism could also enlighten government, citizen, teachers and parents on ways that they can encourage peace, mainly killing and molestation tendencies among students in schools.

Definition of Terms

The following are term used in research:

Secret Cult: is the act of evils committed secretly by students in higher institution.

Guidance: Is the process of helping individual to understand himself and his word.

Counselling: is a way of helping an individual to clear away his entangling and hampering tentacles so that he can be what he really is, and contribute more both to himself and his fellow.


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