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Background of the Study

Statement of the Research Problem

Purposes of the Study

Significance of the Study

Scope of the Study

Research Questions



Conceptual Framework

Concept of Performance

Educational Assessment

Business Studies in Nigeria

Business Teacher Teaching Effectiveness

Assessment and Performance

Characteristics of assessment

Methods and techniques used in the administration of assessments

Teachers Role in Administration of Continuous Assessment

Assessment Worldwide

Theoretical Framework

Philosophy principle and practice of Assessment in Nigeria

Summative System of Assessment

Theory of Performance

Empirical Studies

The Concept of Assessment in Education

Students Learning Preferences

Class Attendance and Academic Performance

Summary of Literature Review



Research Design

Area of the Study

Population of the Study

Sample and Sampling Techniques

Research Instrument

Validity of the Instrument

Method of Data Collection

Method of Data Analysis


Analysis of Research Questions


Discussion of Findings



Suggestion for Further Study

Summary of the Study




The study was undertaken to investigate the effects of Continuous Assessment on academic achievement of Junior Secondary School students in Ikere Local Government Area of Ekiti State. The population of the study comprises of all

Business Studies Students and Teachers in public secondary schools in Ikere-Ekiti. The sample consisted of 60 respondents which are 48 students and 12 teachers drawn from the public secondary schools. A research design for this study was descriptive research survey methods was used.

The data obtained were analyzed using mean and standard deviation. The findings of the study revealed that:-  Continuous Assessment has significant effect on academic achievement of  Junior secondary school students. There is no significant correlation between C.A scores and final examination scores of junior secondary students. In the light of the findings from this study, it was recommended that Business Studies teachers should strive to see that at least four C.A’s are given to students per term in order to improve their academic achievement and that teachers should also be properly trained on the methods and techniques of Continuous Assessment construction and administration for the system to be effective.



Background of the Study

          Examination and assessment are an integral component of our education structure. They are conducted both formally and informally at practically all level of education and serve a variety of different functions. In the narrow sense, examinations and assessments may be thought of as having predominantly educational purposes.

Determining the assessment of student performance is not a trivial matter. It may depend on multiple factors including socio- economic- behavioural background of student their family structure and family environment personal attitude of a student towards his/ her studies, level of stress in family or in educational institution peer pressure, family support financial as well as in studies teachers level of teaching environment of the school.

The ultimate aim of every parent and guardian in educating their wards is to acquire education through learning some basic concepts, principles skills and beliefs, which are considered as useful to the child’s development.

One of the goals of the teacher is to determine whether the stated educational objectives have been achieved through the assessment and education of the student at the end of their courses. The teacher is supposed to be a person in the best position to measure the progress of each student towards stated goals.

Secondary schools have no worth without student. Students are most essential asset for only educational school.

The socio and economic development of the county is directly linked with student academic performance. the students performance (academic achievement) play an important role in producing the best quality student who will become great leader and manpower for the country thus responsible for the country’s economic and social development (Ali 2009) student academic performance measurement has received considerable attention in previous research. It is challenging aspects of academic literature, and business studies student performances are affected due to social psychological economic, environmental and personal factors. These assessments of student performances nut these assessment vary from person to person and country to country.

Obviously, the opportunity of knowing and learning of students are easily detected by the teachers through evaluation system. This will surely create room for possible solution to the problem detected by the teachers.



Statement of the Problem

The urgent need to promote learning and improve performance in secondary schools in Ikere Ekiti local government resulted into a range of related but different development in continuous assessment oat classroom levels. The resultant feature has been inconsistent performance of student in secondary school level examinations nationwide and performance still varies from school to school.

The undermines the future of many students that are in schools that are in schools that persistently perform poorly. What therefore remains disturbing is whether a relationship between continuous assessment strategies adopted by teachers in secondary schools level secondary school of Ikere Ekiti with students performance in final examinations.

This study seeks to investigate the factors that constitute assessment of student performance in Business studies.

In view of the great importance of Business studies to the development of generally poor academic performance in this subject it is necessary to examine critically the problems that contribute to such academic performance with a view of correcting them. In particular, the essence of research is to identify some factors assessment of student performance in Business studies.

  • Lack of teacher to handle the subject
  • Lack of interest on the part of the student
  • Lack of incentives for teachers who teaches Business studies
  • Lack of teaching aids
  • Parent academic background towards teaching learning of business studies

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study is determine the assessment of student performance of business studies student in Ikere Local Government Area of Ekiti State specific objectives of this work are follows:-

  1. To investigate the effect of socio- economic background of students on the academic performance of students in Business studies.
  2. To examine the effect of instructional materials on the assessment of students performance in Business studies.
  3. To investigate how level of motivation affect the assessment of student performance in Business studies.

Significance of the Study

The main aim of an academic research is to add to the existing knowledge due to the fact that problems are identified and solution are provided, hence improvement is always expected. The result of this research therefore is expected to provide an insight on the sustainability, applicability and affectiveness of continuous assessment in secondary school programmes. Continuous assessment is secondary school programmes. Continuous assessment is administered at every level of education from primary school to university, however there is no empirical data to support it effectiveness in enhancing performance.

This research is of significance to the teachers as it will provide empirical data that would show the numbers of continuous assessment that could be administered in a term to give optimum performance by student it will also provide teacher with skills and techniques in organization and administration of continuous assessment there are samples C.A question which would serve as a guide for further question.

Teachers always seek for a continuous assessment score that correlate very high with final examination so that the performance of the student in the final examination can be predicted. This will enable them to identify C.A mean score that would provide a more reliable feedback that could be used to predict student grades in the final examination.

Since student performance is assessment by the teachers through assessment. Student needs to get fully prepared and study since the principle of testing includes awareness. The student must have been informed about how testing and they must be at alert.

Since teachers seek for continuous assessment serve to predict the final examination students need to study and embark on research work.

To the curriculum planners this research will help to determine the number of C.A to be inserted when designing curriculum.

Scope of the Study

This study will not deviate from its purpose which is to examine the assessment of student’s performance in some selected secondary schools in Ikere local government area of Ekiti state.

Research Questions

  • What are the problems associated with assessment on Business studies?
  • How does the socio-economic background of student affect their academic performance in Business studies?
  • What are the effects of instructional materials on the assessment in Business students?
  • How does the level of motivation affect the assessment and attitude in order to stimulate interest of the student in learning of business studies?


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