effect and importance of teaching aids on the teaching and learning of government



  • Background of the Study

This research work will deal with impact of teaching aids in Nigeria Secondary Schools. This work will state and explain the importance of teaching and learning of government as a subject in Secondary Schools.

The use of instructional Materials in government as a subject has been discovered to facilitate effective teaching and transfer of information, knowledge, skills attitude and other useful capabilities. It has been establishes beyond doubt that instructional material, if properly harnessed can motivate and influence student assimilation of the subject matter positively thereby leading to enhance performance.

The effective management of teaching and learning government to a very large available and utilization of instruction materials.

Akinbi (1988), observe that the unique place of instructional materials has traditionally been grossly misunderstood and correspondingly neglected. Therefore, this research work will deals with instructional materials available in teaching and learning process and how the teacher can mate effective use of them to achieve instructional objectives.

The fact of the case is that teacher cannot have effective teaching without those of instructional materials and the Nigeria government, in term of national policy of education has been concern about it that instructional materials should be applied to teaching and learning activities. Therefore, this work will also deals with application of teaching aid in the teaching and learning activity especially in government as a subject.

  • Statement of the Study

In spite of achievement the objectives of instructional materials in government as a subject it has been recorded that the level of application of instructional materials are not up to the expected standard due to some spread problem. This is not in government alone but also in other subjects but because of the reason of this study I will not go beyond government and the problems include:-

There are adequacy of instructional materials in secondary schools due to lack of finance in the private schools even the public schools are not exclusive.

Another problem is that, there are many materials but the relevant one’s are few many materials applying to teaching and learning activities in some of our secondary schools in term of government as a subject are not relevant.

Lack of professional and adequate number of personal handle and explain modern equipment used as instructional materials or teaching aids like computer electronic is also one of the problems.

  • Of Objectives of the Study

This research project will be centralized on the effect and importance of teaching aids on the teaching and learning of government especially in secondary schools.

It will help, the teachers and students to understand the children (learner) will understand more easily if the teacher uses a working model or a picture of something which is practical rather than if he rilies solely on verbal description of it.

Among others, the objectives includes: –

  1. To motivate the teacher to use teaching aids
  2. To solve the problems of students poor performance in government subject
  • To reduce the level of academic drop-outs in secondary schools.
  1. To avoid truancy and boredom of students during the classroom activity.
    • Justification of the Study

Without any doubt, teaching and learning activity Dubbey and Bart (1988) say “ picture worth a thousand of words” using of instructional materials always lead to the student quick assimilate because physical experience will teach theory and verbal system and it will stay more long in their memory. These include visual, audio, audio visual and resources personnel.

There are some things and areas in teaching and learning activity chat student will not clearly understand without applying instructional materials chat relevant to the area of the topic.

In a situation where S.S.S. one government students are relieving lecture on a topic called judicial organs of government with availability of relevant text books and chart containing the picture of lawyers and justices, the students will really understand the topic. Therefore, teachers are employed to impact the require skills to student by using instructional material.

  • Scope of the Study

This research work will cover government study in the secondary schools and the study will be limited to Nigeria as a nation.

The subjects of the study are the effect of teaching aids in the teaching and learning activities. It involves how instructional materials can affect teaching and positive in the life of the learners.

  • Definition of Terms

Some of the terms used in this research work are logical and complex and to avoid misinterpretation and misunderstanding by the readers there will be need to explain them.

These terms includes:-






TEACHING AIDS:- Are the materials which affect learners in a way that learning is facilitated. These thing ( human and material) that can be used as vechiels for impacting knowledge and skills especially in thr academic environment (school).

TEACHING:- Teaching is the system of impacting knowledge to the student or pupils through communication and action clerk and starm (1967) see teaching as a process of creating or influencing desirable behavioral changes in public. Is the art of transmitting information from the teacher to the students and from students to the teacher during the academic hours. Onwuka (1981), any interpersonal influence aimed at charging the ways in which other person can or will behave.

Adams and Garrett (1969) is the interaction between those who function as learners.

LEARNING:- Is the system way of obtaining knowledge or skills through studying or training in education. It involving gaining or acquiring knowledge by the student.

PERVADE:- We refers to something event or action as a pervade when if it presented or noticed throughout place or thing that is, when something is spread.

TRUANCY:- When students stay away from school without permission during the school hour, you describe that behavior as truancyand the student himself is called truant

  • Organisation of Chapters

This research work will be divided into five chapters and each of the chapters will consists of some sub-headings.

The first chapter will focuses on introductory aspect of the work. These include the background of the study statement of problem objectives of the study, justification, methodology, limitation the study and definition of terms.

Chapter two will concern with the review of the related literature. These are the previous research projects academic magazines and textbook explained things related to the effect and learning activities.

The third chapter will examines the problems facing usage of teaching aid in teaching and learning situation.

Chapter four will undertakes the solution to the problems in the chapter three above and the importance of teaching aids in teaching and learning while the last chapter (five) will responsible for the summary, conclusion, recommendation and reference.

  • Reference

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