Managers operating in today’s business environment must be capable in order to achieve target for the organization. Data were collected through both questionnaire and interview methods while table presentation and percentage were use for analyzing the data, major findings revealed that high percentages of managers operating in the country are not innovative enough to safeguard the organization for the further existence. It is introduce adequate training facilities for the start and equally engage new blood that are competent.



Title Page                                                                                i

Certification                                                                            ii

Dedication                                                                               iii

Acknowledgments                                                                             iv

Abstract                                                                                  v

Table of Contents                                                                             vi


1.1           Introduction                                                             1

1.2           Statement of the Research Problems                       3

1.3           Objectives of the Study                                           4

1.4           Formulation of Hypothesis                                               5

  • Importance of the Study 6
  • Historical Background Of WAPCO PLC 8

1.6.1        Nature of its Business and Expansion                     9

1.6.2        Organization Structure of WAPCO PLC                           10

1.7           Scope and Limitation of the Study                                    12




  • Literature Review 13

2.1           Definitions and Structures of Organization             13

  • Meaning and Principle of Management 16

2.3           Meaning and Types of Organisation                       19

2.4           Meaning and Types of Leadership                                    23

2.5           Meaning and Types of Managers who is A Manager        25

2.6            Skilled Require of Managers                                  28

2.7            Functions of Managers                                           30

2.8           Development and Training of Managers                           37

2.9           Problems Confronting Managers                                       39


  • Research Methodology                                            41

3.1           Sampling Procedure and Design                              41

  • Method of Analysis                                                    42

3.3           Problems Encountered                                             43



  • Data Analysis and Interpretation 45

4.1            Summary of Data (The Questionnaire)                            45

  • Data Analysis and Interpretation                                     51

4.3            Testing of Hypothesis                                             58


5.1            Summary of Findings                                             72

5.2            Conclusion                                                             73

5.3            Recommendations                                                  75

Bibliography                                                                    77

Questionnaire                                                                   79






1.1           INTRODUCTION

With regard to the differing perceptions of various industrialists, business is established for an objective or some objectives. These objectives attainment motive whether specific or general is what management strives to accomplish through a classified set of people in an organization.

The diverse objectives of all section or department of an organization are mutually an collectively geared towards the achievement of the predetermined overall objectives. it is widely believed that the main objectives of every business organization is

‘PROFIT-MAXIMIZATION’ coupled with the firm’s security and ability to stabilize itself. This is apart from other objectives such sales, production, market share and inventory objective.

Meanwhile, the non – profit oriented business which are variably owned and controlled by the government or its sponsored agent do not have the objective of maximizing profit rather, it focuses on the provision of certain goods or services for the welfare of several of various classes of people they serve.


Therefore, the roles of managers in an organization would not only left on the dark and must roles induce  so many tasks and responsibilities which requires certain function \s that involved invariably lead to the attainment of  organizational aim at a set time.

These roles could be classified into three aspects which are functional, ceremonial and operational roles.

In the process or ensuring harmonious relationship among various departments in an organization the tasks of the departmental managers must be clearly defined and responsibilities clearly outlined in order to curb the occurrences of role ambiguities with its devastating effects. Efficiency is important effectiveness is vital. Moreover, the reconciliation of the diverse departmental aim and their proper coordination towards the achievement of the firms objectives are necessary ingredients when roles classification and analysis are being phased out.

Similarly, the behavioral and attitudinal patterns of the lop level of management matter most in the effectiveness and efficiency of organization? Sections or departments in contributing to the speedy attainment of the aim and objectives of company in question.


Findings of past researcher’s effort have revealed that the responsibilities of managers in any organization have been serving as the pivot of which the survival of the company rest.

To consider this authenticate statement, one can not wholly rule out the possibilities of problems or difficulties to be encountered by the managers in shouldering this skillful responsible. Some of those study research problems include the following:

  1. How four it is true that no company can survive without the timely intervention of managers.
  2. What exactly the impacts are of managers in the organization’s day to day operations that leads to the attainment of their objectives.
  3. Do every company’s employees follow the laid down policies and strategies of the managers of such companies
  4. In general views, has the interventions of managers actually germ up the organization’s growth and how far has leadership style adopt by managers be commensurate with the style that the employees believed in.



The aim an objectives of this study is to scrutinize the existing dexterity of the managers and to show the impacts of the managers of any company in the accomplishment of the organization aims and objectives and by examining the department manager’s contributions to an organization with a view to depict their individual global goals and objectives of that firm.

The objective of the study are to: is based on the objectives \:

  1. Find out those duties that are needed to be discharged by all managers in an organization to quicken the survival of such organization.
  2. Identify those areas of specialization where managers love to focus at in an organization.
  3. Collective contributions of department managers to the attainment of the organization’s and objectives.
  4. Make careful analysis of what really the roles of managers are by enumerating their functions in the organizations government and the general public.
  5. Identification of various problems faced by the managers in discharging their duties


For this study to stand the best of time and attain its required worth, the following hypothesis are to be tested in order to provide a sound basis for any decision.

1 Ho: That lack of performance by managers does not enhance the accomplishment of the corporate objectives of an organization

Hi:   That lacks of performance by managers enhance the accomplishment of the corporate objectives of an organization

  1. Ho: The lack of cooperation managers does not encourage efficiency and effectiveness in an organization.

Hi:  The lack of cooperation among managers encourages efficiency and effectiveness in an organization.

  1. Hi: That if organization is being controlled by competent managers, it would not jeopardize its growth.

Ho:   That if organization is being controlled by competent managers, it would jeopardize its growth.


This study is considered to make great contribution to the development of management of industries in order for the firms to feel the impacts of the managers in their growth and attainment of their set aims and objective.

This studies in its fill contexts shows and penetrates on the actual responsibilities of managers and their variances according to the nature of the firms and how these untiring responsibilities have been loading to the successful operation of the firms. More so, this would undoubtedly educate most organizations who remain adamant in adopting standard criteria of selecting right managers to lead the affairs of the enterprises.

In conclusion, this study will excellently be a rolling point for the managers (both top and lower) in identifying their expected roles in the firms and ways of discharging such roles in order to nib the cases overload, under  load ambiguity in the bud.

The first factory of the company was situated in Ewekoro in Ogun state which is still serves as its base today. History revealed the company commenced operation with an initial production capacity of 200,000 tones of cement per annul, suing a semiwet process.

In 1964, the original plant was duplicated so that Ewekoro then had a capacity of 400,000 tones per annum. Nearly every, the company’s production capacity spring up convincingly as the company can now boast of production capacity of at least 4 million tones per annum and this range vary from year to year. WAPCO in order to its business expansion has diversified into different areas of activities on its new divisions – Portland paints, Portland Electrical repair division among others.

The Portland paints Division of WAPCO PLC was established in 1972 on the acquisition of the cement Paints Nigeria Limited and it has since established for itself a reputable name in the paints industries in Nigeria. Inception, Portland paints Division only manufacturing cement – based paints and decorative finishes such as snowcap and color Crete. However, between 1974 and 1979, Portland paints and products Nigeria Limited introduced the Spandex Textures in the range of products manufactured by Blue circle industries in a bid to expand its sales.

The success of these products led to the local manufacture of Spandex in 1980. Meanwhile, Portland Paints and products Nigeria Limited has its factory on the site of Ewekoro works in Ogun State and its administrative head office and deport at Oregun in Ikeja Lagos Portland Electrical Repair Division established in 1982.



The West African Portland cement company (NAPCO) was officially established in 1958 and was incorporated in Nigeria on 26th February 1959 under the company ordinances. Initially, WAPCO’s participation were  the association Portland manufactures limited based in London otherwise called Blue Arde de industrial Limited, Associated international Nigeria Limited with 5% of the total equity.

The then western region government through the Western Nigeria Development  corporation with 39% and Uniliver Limited London through N.A.G Limited with OODUA Investment company Limited which  is jointly owned by government of Ogun, Ondo, Osun, Ekiti States. Moreover, the Nigeria Public and the Federal government are not holding 60% of the total equity of the company while the overseas participants such as Association international cement Nigeria Limited and N.AG. Limited hold 40%, of the equity. INAPCO’s head office is located at Elephant house kilometer 12  Lagos Ikorodu road Lagos while its main factory is permanently located at Ewekoro along  Lagos – Abeokuta road with the staff strength of 3000  as at December 1990 but due to various Labour turnover that had occurred in the company, its staff strength has risen up astronomically.


WAPCO PLC took up full production about thirty six years ago its main business is cement manufacturing under the brand name of Elephant Portland cement but few years ago,  the span of the business had been diverse into paints, electrical equipment and especially decorative products is recognized as one of the nation’s leading experts in the services, repairing, rewinding and refurbishing of electrical motors and transformers. The electrical division has its workers formerly opened in January 1985 in Sagamu, Ogun State.



WAPCO PLC is well known for its line and staff types of organization structure, which is an extension, or development of the organization in which one or more auxiliary services have been functionalize.

The relationship that exists in the organization consist, of direct, functional and staff. The organization structure is depicted on a vertical chart. This shows how the line of command process from top to bottom in vertical line in the organization. Moreover, functionalized relationship exists between the line managers etc. staff relationship exists between the deputy general work manager and general work manager at the work of the organization, line relationship exists between the junior workers and the line supervisors.

In WAPCO PLC, the chief Executives is responsible to the board of directors. They are responsible to the duty deputy managing  director who in turn is responsible to the directors. The company secretary is a legal adviser, plan and development adviser, internal auditor and associated companies report direct their activities to the managing director. The general manager (sales marketing) Portland product derision, Portland electrical repairs and public relations managers are on the same level of authority in the organization hierarchy and are responsible to the managing Director. The work manager who has the same level of authority with the directors at the work of the companying report directly to the Deputy managing Director at the Head Office. He is assisted by the Deputy General Work Manager. Directly responsible to the General Work Manager are personal manager, Work Accountant storing manager, and purchasing manager, these are on the level of authority.

Responsible directly to Deputy General Work manager are factory, production, Technical, training and Development and Engineers.

Summarily, it could therefore be ascertained that the west African Portland Cement Company Plc makes use of line and staff organization structure from which directory and orders come directly form up downward, that is vertical flow of directories and communication.



The scope of this study is strictly limited to the aspects of the actual roles, expectation and contributions of the managers to the timely attainment of the organization aims and objectives but meanwhile, the study would appear substandard if there is no little depression to the meaning, type and structure of an organization with special on WAPCO PLC Ewekoro, Ogun State. Also the following factors are to be some of the limitation to the study.

It is possible for me to interview all managers and some them will give series of come biased information. There is also inability and refusal of some of the intending respondents to supply information. Moreover, time, capital, audience and other resources needed for the gathering of useful date for the study are insufficient and few available are to be perfectly scrutinized to bring out the required north of the study.



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