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Background of the study

Statement of the problem

Purpose of the study

Significance of the study

Scope and limitation of the study

Definition of terms

Research question


Review of related literature

Importance of communication

Communication process

Types of communication

Flow of communication

Barriers of effectives communication


Research methodology

Research design


Sample and sampling technique

Research instrument

Validation and reliability of the instrument

Administration of the research instrument

Data analysis


Presentation and analysis of data

Discussion of results


Summary, conclusion and recommendation







The   application   of   computer   network   for   effective   communication   in   business   organization   is   based on   effective dissemination   of information- via   the   application   of computer networking it is purposely designed to enable various uses of computer to have access to the same information at the same time on a network. The use of computer network has become popular that in next millennium virtually every business concern., organization, – institution, home and financial institution shall be on computer network for fast dissemination of information. The best method to discuss this project work is to enumerate the advantage communication media. This finding shall emphasize on the uses of computer network emphasize on the uses of computer network ever worker in an organization.




Background of the Study

Communication is extremely important within a business and is what every good business should be built upon, giving a business the power to send a message to employees, prospective easterners and the general public that they are one of the best at what they do. Communication makes a business grow and develop, it gives a company the chance to inform, educate or instruct. Both bilateral and downward communication is important within business. Bilateral communication allows businesses to send messages between people on the same level or position within a company, while downward communication sees messages sent from superiors to subordinates. Both of these communication types have a large role in the workplace

There are three main types of communication in businesses:

Internal, external and business to- business (usually abbreviated to B2B), The former is when messages are sent from someone in the business to another person working for the same business. External communication consists of messages sent from within one business to people who are not working within the business. Business to business communication occurs when a message is sent from one business to another. All information is sent and received via communication of some sort. Without effective communication of this information, a business will struggle with a lack of understanding, motivation and direction.

Effective communication will keep employees well informed and give a business a higher productivity rate. Many companies that carry out staff satisfaction surveys find that employees who are kept up to date with effective communication are more satisfied in their role. Employees tend to have higher levels of job performance when there is a congruence of individual needs and job characteristic that exist and are communicated well. In turn, a happy and hard working team of employees helps give a business a corporate image that the public will find impressive and appealing.

Success of any business lies in effective communication. The mum effective the communication is the belter the results are communication is effective when it produce desire action in the reader or audience. Effective, communication is essential for the survival arid progress of a business concern. Communication is effective when it produces desired action in the reader or audience. Effective communication is essential for the survival and progress of a business concern.

The ability to communicate effectively is an essential quality of a businessman. A person may be intelligent but he may not be able to get his message across to others. Ideas are generally common but the ability to convey then to others is rare.

A successful communicator exercises, a good effect on the minds of his readers, employees, supervisors, customers, suppliers investors and business associates. They -form a good impression of the company and die communicator.   He builds the goodwill of the company   he   represents.   Goodwill   of a   person   or   company   attract customers and wins friends.

Therefore, the ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing is an asset for the communicator. Through successful correspondence, he leads his business to success. The letters, reports, memos etc. He writes to the people demonstrate his ability or lack.

A successful communicator is able to run the affairs of a business house. He can plan well and control the working of his organization. He has the skill to transfer his policies, decision’s objectives and job instructions to the persons working with him at all levels. So this skill is quite essential for a businessman to perform his managerial functions.

Communication is life blood of a business organization. No organization can succeed or progress, build up reputation, and win friends and customers without effective communication Skill.

Statement of the Problem

In today’s global business environment; effective communication both internal and external has a significant impact on the success of any organization when one talk about the important of effective communication within an organization, two schools of thought readily come to mind the first school of thought believed that communication within an organization brings about the following;

  1. That communication reveals the confidential selects of management to workers.
  2. That the rough communication workers can be fed with wrong information from any source.
  3. That communication gives room for noise and distraction.
  4. That communication   brings about low productivity and confusion among workers

To the other school of thought effective communication within an organization leads to the following;

  • Focusing    of   all   members   of   the   organization   on organizational goal and objective
  • That effective communication fosters trust and respect between boss and. their sub – ordinate
  • Through effective communication the responsibility   of every member within the organization are well communicated

Firstly, effective and a well coordinated communication, will definitely resulted into improved productivity and hence the profit-ability of small and medium scale enterprise. The view of the above two schools of thought stimulated prompt the researcher to investigate as to which one of these two schools of thought is right.

Purpose of the Study

This project work on application of computer network ineffective communication   in   an  organization   is   embarked upon purposely to find solution to the poor communication system and to improve the existing system of communication within and outside the organization.

Also to dispel the fear the people have in the information dissemination from various sections of the organization. Similarly, to introduce the use of computer network and access to the same information at some on a network. To create room for sending all sorts of information including-photographs, audio and video chips via the effective communication within and outside the organization environment due to the fact that computer network is faster, easier, cheaper and less strenuous.

In addition, other purpose is to prevent the act of tearing away of pasted and internal memorandum on the nation board. To prevent the missing in transit of message misplacement or loss of message by a careless staff-through the use of computer network. To create room for immediate reply of message without delay.

Lastly, to be able to recommend through findings and adoption for further research, the effective ways of communication within and outside the business organization.

Significance of the Study



These following research questions were generated.

  • Is there any benefit of computer network to effective communication?
  • Can the use of computer network brings about development within the organization
  • Is there any advantage of computer network to the development of an organization
  • Can the use of computer network bring about positive changes in the life of the staff?

Scope and Limitation of the Study

The following are the scope and limitation of the study on application of computer network in effective communication in an organization

(a)     The finding shall emphasize on the use of computer network to all members of business organization.

(b)     Invention of computer network including services shall be catered   for   so   as   to improve   the   former   means   of dissemination of information across the business.

(c)     All sections and department in the organization shall be linked together through network.

Definition of Terms

We shall consider the following definition under this project research.

(a) Communication is the process of transferring an idea, skill or aptitude from one person to another accurately and satisfactorily.

(b) Communication’ channel:- this can be defined as a path for the transmission of a signal (usually electrical) between two* points.

(c)     Channel:-is also referred to as a line circuit-or link of course. Not all channels are the same or transit signals at the same time,

(d)     Mode of transmission:- refers to the manner in which, the characters   of   a   message   are   transmitted   modes   of transmission are synchronous, syndromes and isochronous

(e)     Protocol:- This is a predetermined procedure or route used by   sending   and   receiving   units   to   ensure that   they communicate properly.

(f)     Computer network:- This is the interconnected collection of autonomous computers. Two computers are said to be interconnected through media such as cables microwaves or satellite between them. Two computers are autonomous when there is no roaster share relationship between them.

(g) Local area network (LAN):- is an electronic communication network that uses private branch exchange (PBX) or other local communication facilities such-as long distance links or satellite communications.

(h)     Wide   area   network   (WAN):-   it   can   be   explained   as interconnect computer on separate sites or in a separate city or country. An-example of WAN is whole in the wall computer.

(i)     Components of communication networks:– There, are size major   components   most   commonly   found   in a data communication, network. They, are communication lines multiplexes and concentrators.




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