Appraisal of effectiveness of the methods used in teaching economics in sec sch ekiti statee

Appraisal of effectiveness of the methods used in teaching economics in sec sch ekiti statee



Background of the Study

Earlier attempts to undertake a systematic and formal study on how to arrive at a researchable conclusion as regards the effective methods of approach to teaching in Nigeria schools.

This is evidenced by the performances of secondary school students in economics. Also, some of the economic textbooks used in Nigeria schools today are not comprehensive enough. The authors of many of them did age, interest, social cultural and environmental needs of the schools of which such textbooks were being prepared for.

Apart from the inadequate and non-availability of reliable, validated and standard textbooks, the category of teachers required to teach economics in secondary schools need to be examined. Categorically speaking, some Nigeria secondary school teachers are not well groomed in economics facts, concepts, skills and principles, and this category of teachers are expected to teach economics or inculcate its idea and concepts effectively I doubt if such miracle could happen physically unless they (teachers)  are subjected to economics education courses. This could be done or made possible through the development of a curriculum. Curriculum designers and organizers should systematically arrangeconstructive workshops, industrial training in- service training, and vocational training and so on for such teachers who are ready to teach students.

At present, there are three major groups of subject area in Nigeria educational system. These are the physical sciences, social sciences and art subject. Each of these subjects is designed to inculcate specific learning experience in the students. Thesesubjects are taught by different teachers and due to the fact that the objectives of these subject areas are different from one another, the methodology instructional materials used by teachers to teach them are therefore not the same.

Economics as a subject is one of the social science courses considered to be complex by most people especially the secondary school students. Therefore, for the theoretical concepts taught to the students to be meaningful and understandable, its basis need to be clarified by well-organizedor field trips, workshop which most be mentioned and coordinated by professional economics teachers.

Some people assume that effective teaching depends on the level of educational qualifications alone without taking other factors into consideration such as teaching methodology, student’s attitude and readiness, teacher’s attitude and interest, teaching experience, nature of training as well as number of periods and subjects taught.

Hence, the main purpose of this study is to critically appraise the various methods of teaching economics and the problems facing methods.

In essence, this will enable the readers to realize some of its effects on the performance of the students.

It is very important to understand that emphasis has been placed on commercial subjects, of which economics is one in Nigeria secondary schools.

This is because the government has now realized two important issues viz:

  • That a country’s level of economic development and stability depends on the accountability and financially management of such nation.
  • That an important science and commercial base is a strong foundation for rapid economic process of a developing nation like ours-Nigeria.

Therefore, the teaching of economics in Nigeria secondary schools toward the achievement of these objectives is now a challenge to the economics teachers in particular.

Bear it in mind, the teaching of economics must involve some specific methodology that will pare way for the attainment of the land own behavioural objectives for the inclusion of economics subject into secondary school curriculum.


Statement of the Problem

A lot of problems hinder the effective teaching of economics in Nigeria secondary schools have been identified. The problems are as variety as the degree of their effects.

The researcher finds it necessary to look into the forms and patterns of concepts of economic in secondary schools owing to experience the encountered during his teaching practice exercise.

Some schools have no educational facilities for examples are classrooms, favorably climate and adequate instructional aids like film, video, slides transparencies and so on.

In view of the fact that the economics as subject needs to be taught effectively, it is of paramount importance that the method of teaching be made interesting, well organized, stimulating, arousing and less rigorous.

From the above background, the researcher attempts to identify the effectiveness of the methods of teaching economics in some selected secondary schools in Nigeria. The data collected will assist in providing solutions to the numerous problems facing the teaching and learning of economics.

The Objective of the Study

The major objectives of the study that the researcher has set his mind to achieve are the following:

  1. To appraise the effectiveness of the various methods used in teaching economics in Nigerian secondary schools and its implication on the students’ performance.
  2. To examine some of the various methods that has been adopted by teachers in teaching economics secondary school level.
  • To identify suitable economics teachers that is capable and qualified to teach the subject.
  1. To discover the effectiveness of the instructional materials (teaching aids) that is being used by the economics teachers in their respective schools.
  2. To detect the difficulties encountered by the students offering the subject as well those of teachers handling the subject.
  3. To recommend accordingly the possible solution to those problems.
  • What are the qualities and qualifications of teachers that are to handle the teaching of the subject at secondary school levy?
  • Is there any relationship between the methods adopted with the performances of the students.
  1. In what ways do you think parents can encourage their wards to learn the subject?
  2. What are the areas the government of the nation Nigeria can stretch her hands of help In making sure the student of economics are motivated to achieve national goals?



The following hypothesis are too tested in this research project to enable us arrive at a logical and ethnical conclusion in relation to the research findings.

Ho (1): the method adopted in teaching economics has no significant effect on student’s performance.

Ho (1): The method adopted in teaching economics has significant effects on students’ performance.

Ho (2): student’s performance is a function of the teacher’s qualifications.

H1 (2): students performance is a function of the teacher‘s qualifications.

Ho (3) The use of instructional materials has no impact on students’ performance.

H1 (3): the use of relevant instructional materials enhances students’ performance.


Significance of the Study

This modern era, the level of development of a developing country like Nigeria is principally determined, among others things by her economic stability and technological advancement of which economic concept plays a vital role towards its achievement. This study attempts to examine the social science literacy among secondary schools students in Nigeria. And it is considered essential because research findings on the appraised effectiveness of the method used in teaching economics shall provide opportunity of identifying different methods used by different teachers in various schools as well as diagnosing the effectiveness of such methods.

The researcher is optimistic that if the study is successfully completed and the following are adopted, it will enable some economics teachers to identify the short comings of ineffective teaching and learning process to adapt various methods when teaching the students and to switch between methods when need be.

The study will also help to discover some of the problems encountered by both teachers handling the subject as well as students offering the subject and appropriate solutions to such difficulties.

Furthermore, the study will add more knowledge to both the researcher and readers on the various methods used in teaching economics. It is also hoped that this researchers study will contribute immensely to future research in the field of study.

Finally, if this research project is given favorably consideration and adopted, it will ultimately go a long way in helping teachers, school authorities, curriculum developers, government and students concerned In achieving the objectives of acquisition of strong viable, reliable, consistent and stable economic upliftment toward the overall development of the society and mankind.


Scope of the Study

The study appraises the effectiveness of the methods used in teaching economics in secondary schools in Ondo State, thus Ifedore local government Area is chosen as nor case study.



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