These studies investigate the effect of Teachers Industrial Action on the Academic performance of students in Okitipupa Local Government Area of Ondo State. In an attempt to carry out this investigation, five Schools were randomly selected in Okitipupa Local Government Area. The researcher collected the necessary information with the and of questionnaire. The results of the questionnaire showed that students were negatively affected by teachers industrial actions and the causes of teachers industrial actions was mainly unfavorable condition of services by the government (their employer). Having established these facts, suggestion and recommend action were made to teachers parent and government for the need to eradicate teacher industrial action in order to uplift academic performance of studies.
1.1 Background of the Study
This study is directed basically at studying the effect of teachers industrial action on the academic performance of the students. However teachers play an enviable role in the education and in shaping the lives of youth in every society. The development of any nation, economically, social, politically, mental and financial needs to make for their growth and development.
There are basically three different categories of teachers. The first category are the elementary teachers, who teach the kids what applies in day to day activities, and norms for their future life. The second category is considered of the secondary school tutors, who take the kids on a more advanced stage, preparatory to their tertiary education. The third category of teachers are those of the university. Polytechnics, and college of Education lecturers. These sets are the rock, on which the nation is bult, and the development of any nation depends largely on them.
The art of teaching learning process may be compared to a manufacturing process. The curriculum and the child are mixed up in the educo-manufacturing process to produce an educated person.
The teacher can be likened to the principal factory operator in the schools manufacturing industry. As such, the success and progress of the school product depends on both the qualities and the readiness of the teachers to perform their expected roles.
The incessant industrial action of almost all sectors of country and the demand for more wages by the workers have pointed to the reason for economic backwardness of the nation as well as the economic hardship the nation has been faced with.
The educational sector is not left out in the incessant industrial action. Several factors have been was to be responsible for the trend.
These factors are listed below:
1. There is no monetary incentive from the government
2. Inability of the government to satisfy their financial wants
3. Irregular payment of teachers salaries
4. The negative of teacher on the part of government.
Student have revealed that teachers do not earn enough salary to keep them dedicated to their jobs, this in turn may equally affect the commitment of teachers to their duties, hence the nationale behind their incessant industrial action
However, the question that is presently on everybody’s mind is the state of the standard of education in the country. While some people behave in the fall of the standard of education, other think it has maintained its standard.
If the standard of education is actually falling, what are the factors responsible for such fall in its standard:?
As such, the main objective o this study is to examine and appraise the assertion and to find out whether or not teacher’s industrial action is contributing to the effects on students’ performances in their academic pursuits
i. The purpose of this research is to find out the effect of teachers’ industrial action on the academic performance of their students.
ii. To identify the various causes of teachers’ industrial action in Ondo South West Local Government area of Ondo State.
iii. To find lasting and probable solutions to the industrial action in the South Local Government area and the country in its entirely
i. How frequent are the teachers’ industrial action?
ii. What are the cause of teachers’ industrial action


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