Emure is a town in the Ekiti State of Nigeria. It is also called Emure Ekiti. It became much better known after the king of Emure’s grandson Adewale Ogunleye made it into the NFL for the Chicago Bears.

Emure Ekiti is one of the more prosperous towns in Ekiti. Emure consists of four major streets named Oke Emure, Odo Emure, Idamudu and Ogbontioro. Emure Ekiti has two major secondary schools: Ijaloke Grammar school, Orija High School and Ise Emure Grammar school.

Emure-Ekiti, a Yoruba town in the Western part of Nigeria, is the headquarters of Emure Local Government in Ekiti State. Elemure (the monarch of Emure-Ekiti) is one of the Sixteen Beaded Crown Obas (Kings) in Ekiti Land. The population of Emure-Ekiti as at the 2006 National Census is 94,264.The ancestors of the present Emure Ijaloke, which is also known as Emure-Ekiti can be traced back to Ile-Ife, the cradle of the Yoruba race. Emures relate through oral report that Fagbamila Obadudu, the progenitor of Emure was one of the sons of Obele. Obele was the son of Oranmiyan who happened to be the last son of Okanbi, the only son of Oduduwa

In 1893, the protectorate of Yorubaland was established and signed in Ibadan. In the same year, a patrol under Captain R. E. D. Campbell, Lagos Constabulary visited Ekiti. Captain R. L. Bower was appointed Resident and Travelling Commissioner of Interior Yorubaland.  In 1899, the North-East District was formed and a Commissioner was appointed to Ijesa and Ekiti with his seat at Oke Imo in Ilesa. The Ekiti Division was formed into a separate Division on January 1, 1913 and became part of the Ijebu-Ode Province. On July 1, 1915, the Ekiti Division was transferred to the newly-formed Ondo Province with its headquarters at Akure. Ekiti towns were later grouped into Districts under the control of an Oba (King) and Emure got her own district under the Elemure in 1929 after Elemure Oba Joseph Ogunloye Arosoye (Ajirotutu IV) had been able to secure a copy of the Lost Gazette showing that Emure was an Ekiti Kingdom. Oba Ogunloye Arosoye (Ajirotutu IV) was the first educated person to become the Elemure. This made his rule to be very beneficial to the Emure people in diverse ways.


After many generations, a new wave of immigrant groups penetrated this homeland; their leader. From the 1880s, agents of the British, especially Christian missionaries penetrated the Yoruba interior in an endeavour to end the wars, in particular, the wars of liberation Ekitiparapo communities waged against Ibadan since October, 1879. In June, 1886, political-cum-military officers got the belligerent parties to sign a truce and in March, 1893, Governor Carter of Lagos visited Ibadan and Ekitiparapo camps of Igbajo and Imesi-Ile and terminated the war, got the leaders to sign treaties which prohibited slavery and slave trade, human sacrifices and the use of weapons to settle conflicts. The British administration in Lagos (which had authority over Yoruba hinterland from 1893) proclaimed a general emancipation for slaves and ordered slaves who so wished to return to their former homelands. As a result, numerous citizens of Ekiti in general and Ado in particular returned from captivity forth with. The British established its colonial rule on vast territories and in 1900, a number of districts became Nigeria. Eventually, further reorganizations led to the creation in January, 1913 of Ekiti District, with headquarters in Ado-Ekiti. That was a landmark from where to begin the discussion of today, modern times, a period characterized by the emergence of new things, phenomenal growth and development of old kingdom and its Chief city, Ado-Ekiti.

Three main type of western Education came to Ado Ekiti in which different communities in which ijurin ekiti learned from this education system which was later used. The first method was called individual contact – this included farm visits, demonstrations and other individual contacts. The second method was group contact – this included all kinds of meetings such as short courses, general meetings, committees and others. The third method was called mass media – this included publication, newsletters, radio talks, radio recorded programs, exhibition, television, film, pamphlets, posters etc. The method used supplemented and complemented each other at different period of the project and according to the financial strength of the facilitators in each occasion.

The participants exposed themselves to information which would enrich their knowledge in farming activities. The project established the fact that the more information made available to the farmers, the higher the efficiency of production.

The cocoa farmers were taught by using the explanation and demonstration techniques of teaching. Teaching essentially was informal.

Emure kingdom continues to witness tremendous changes within the last few decades of our settlement at the present site. These changes are results of the people’s determination and hardwork. Emure Ekiti which is the main town and Headquarters of Emure Local Government Area, there are 98 villages and settlements within the domain.

At the present time, the schools are in dire need of being rebuilt and several infrastructure must be set in place to enable our children an opportunity for self improvement.





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