The need for rural development has received more comments by Nigerian academicians politicians and popular press in the country. Various approaches have been put forward by all and sundry, which identified themselves with the rural development programs

Ironically, these concerned efforts for rural development program have not been matched by concrete actions. Indeed, the programs that is, the rural developments programs are probably the greatest victims of lip service by the people and government of this country. Akinbode (1991).

Nigeria however, in the course of this rural development programs. It has been estimated that various successive government had spent billions of naira Abasiekong (1994). This sis not to say that the amount spent on rural development is too much as regards the populations of the people living in the rural areas. However, it is a fact that the rural population in Nigeria is estimated to be over 68% of the total population. Mabogubje (1992).

The poor performance of the past policies and programs of successive governments caused the establishment of the Directorate of Food, Roads and Rural Infrastructure (DFRRI) in 1986 perhaps the directorate is yet to complete its programs or could not complete it’s programs during its years of existence, since the few report and comments on the programs does not include much improvement in rural development

In the course of the new programs, about 8.3% of the national budget was se aside for it’s take off and many more has been spent thereafter. For the proper integration of rural area, the industrialization of the rural areas is the best strategy for rural development and also it is the balancing force between the urban and rural areas. (Fourth National Development plan). This approach will balance and co-ordinate the rural development approach or program which does provide employment opportunities in multi-dimensional sectors is bound to fail. So also is any economy which does all its income on only a single economic sectors may fail as soon as there is a depression in that sector of the economy

In view of all these factors, the rural development of Agbara Ogun state which was brought by the industrialization of the village and its environs is an experience to show an adroit integration on rural development. This strategy, that is, industrialization, simultaneously improved both the economic life and physical environment of the area. The approach at Agbara is a unique one because this programs cut across many sectors and people including the government and private sector.

Industries at Agbara set the pace in the provision of infrastructural facilities to the Agbara community and its environments. For instance, during the reconnaissance survey. It was gathered that a company, “Associated Breweries and Company Limited” now “Vatamalt Nigeria Plc” provided pipe-borne water for the village purely on humanitarian grounds. Another company is Nestle food Plc which chonated vehicles for the Nigeria police force at Agbara

The influence of the industrial location has accelerated the provision of electricity, police station, good road network, Banks and it also caused the establishment of other industries. The industrialization also set the pace for Agbara housing scheme and the Ogun state Property and Investment Corporation (OPIC) other facilities present include, petrol stations nursery, primary and secondary schools. Private clinics and telephone network, with these improvement the companies also provides employment opportunity for the people. The establishment of Agbara and Igbesa/Lusada markets also boosts the economic activities of the area. The industrial location brought about the establishment of these markets because of good prospects of the areas as a conducive place for business/markets. In the past the companies also embarked on farming in large scale for instance “Glaxo Nigeria Plc” now “Evans pharmaceuticals Nigeria Plc” cultivated hectares of land within the local government the product of these farms were maize and cassava. In view of all these development at Agbara which was brought about by industrialization, it can be concluded that any development without job opportunities for the people will not be viable. In this case industrialization can be said to be the only viable solution to any development and as such, it should be used in the development of more rural areas.

  • Aim and Objectives

The aim of the study is to appraise the industrialization strategy in the development of rural areas. The objective of achieving this aim is:

  1. To analyses the site plan with a view to understand the rural consideration



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