Healthy environment for teacher influence student performance is an increasingly popular educational policy around the world. professional knowledge, skills, competencies, educational resources as well as strategies determine educational successes and performances. This paper adopted descriptive design to understand the  impact of school environment and motivations on teachers and students performances. The main instrument used for the work was questionnaire. The fact and content validity of the instrument was determined by the researcher’s supervisor. Test – retest method was used to determine the reliability of the instrument and the coefficient reliability was obtained. The questionnaires were personally administered. Frequently count and simple percentage were used to analyze the data collected. The result shows that conducive environment and motivation contribute positively to teacher’s productivity which directly affects the performances of the student positively. It was therefore recommended that government of local state and national should always seek to provide a befitting environment for teaching and learning and not only that the government, the school and the education administrators should also demonstrate the spirit of motivation towards their employees.


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Table of Contents


Background to the Study

Statement of the Problem

Purpose of the Study

Research Questions

Research Hypothesis

Significance of the Study

Delimitation of the Study


Types of Environment

Demographic Factor

Meaning and Concept of Teachers Productivity


Research Design

Population of the Study

Research Instrument

Validity of the Instrument

Reliability of the Instrument

Data Collection

Administration of Instrument

Data Analysis










Background of the Study

Healthy environment, job satisfaction and successes in school are: extricable intertwined. Schools cannot achieve their primary mission of education of students and staffs are not physically, mentally, psychologically okay.

Education reforms effort are bound to be of limited effectiveness unless environmental related barriers to learning are addressed. Researches revealed that most parents and members of the general public consistently rate environmental and job satisfaction high as important factors that school and government should address.

Enhanced academic services have been associated with reduced absenteeism, improved academic achievement and improved healthy environment. In other words, the school environment and working conditions play a major role in the process and practice of teaching and learning situation. The learning environment and job satisfaction determine the extent of success that will be recorded by a given institution. A school system exists in association and affiliation with both the environment in reality does not exist in a vacuum. It provides the school setting. If the school and the satisfactions given the staff and failure to adequately or strictly adapt to these facts may cause total failure or boredom to the school system.

There are some factors militating against the productivity of the teacher and student’s performance. These factors, teacher factor, parents’ factor to school environment factor.

It is assumed that teacher’s agitations and demands are beyond the resources the ministry of education over the increase in salaries, benefits and improvements in working (environment) of the teachers. The federal and the state governments have argued that the present economy realities in the country cannot sustain the demand. Another problem is the government position concerning the job performances of the teachers; they accuse the teachers of negligence, laziness, purposeful lethargy and lack of dedication and zeal to work. They further argue that teacher’s level of efficiency and effectiveness does not necessitate the constant requests.

While teachers on their part argue that the existing benefits and working conditions as well as environment do not satisfy their basic needs in as much as other sectors of the economy have better incentives and motivations. They feel Nigeria’s economy is not properly balanced, hence, their demands. The teacher’s arguments are in line with Adam’s equity theory of motivation. Adam’s equity theory  call for a fair balance to be struck between employees output (that is salary, benefits recognition and better working conditions) According to the theory is built on belief that employees became de-motivated both in relation to their job and their employer if they feel as though their inputs are greater than the outputs.

However, the roles and contents of educations motivational methods and better working conditions cannot be overemphasized because high motivation enhances productivity which is naturally in the interests of all educational systems (Ololube, 2004).The students attitude towards learning in some government secondary schools in Akure is very low. The source of this is not far-fetched. Some students right from their houses have little or no care towards effective learning in the classroom. They are addicted to television and computer electronic sets at home his automatically lead to negligence of study. In a situation whereby there is no good rapport between teachers and students or whereby teaching and learning process is not effectively maximized in the classroom such teacher will be forced to boycott classroom sometimes due to non-charlatan towards learning by the students. Moreover, when students play truancy from the classroom, teachers will be forced to stay away from classroom, thereby reducing the productivity of teachers as well as the performances of the students.

The productivity of the teacher, student and entire school effectiveness at times depend on the attitude of parents towards their children and the school. Some parents are of the opinion that their children should not be punished no matter the gravity of the offences committed and based on this, such teachers will decide not to pass vital information or make necessary correction, thereby bringing about a reduction in the productiveness.

The productivity of the teacher and school effectiveness in some of the secondary schools can be linked with the attitude of the students among one another. As the slogan goes “evil Communication Corrupts good manner’s Considering a classroom where there are serious and unserious students having negative influence on the serious ones is very high and hence bringing the efforts of the teacher to nullity.

School environmental factor concerns include, indoor and outdoor safety hazard, biological and chemical agents that might be detrimental to health, air pollution, class/school quality water quality sanitation quality, precaution for infection and culture of the employer towards the employee which goes a long way to affect the behavior of the employee against the students. The school environment has mush impact on the productivity of the teachers and student. Through the teaching learning process take place in a conducive school environment. In considering school environment there are things that both large and small schools can implement.

In conclusion, teachers who become interested in their better working conditions have been found to be indirectly having a greater interest in the health of their students and become more effective teachers. Staff can influence student’s behavior by being equipped to be a role model for healthy life style. Private industries have found out that staffs better working condition promotion program can improve productivity, mortal and reduce health insurance.

Statement of the Problem

Most observations have shown that most of the students in Akure, especially in the government schools have been operating under poor environment. Most of the essential facilities that are supposed to enhance teacher’s productivity and students performances are not put in place. Such facilities are good water, electricity, equipped library and laboratories, computer systems adequate lecture rooms and host of others.

Also, this poor environment unpaid benefits and motivations have made the teachers to go on incessant strike several times in the last one year which led to the closure of some of the school and have directly or indirectly affected the productivity of the teacher as well as the performance of the students in both internal and external examinations.

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of the study is to examine the influence of  environment and productivity of teachers in secondary school s. particularly, this study attempted to study or examine the school environment as it can promote the following

  • Teachers performance in school
  • Students performance in school
  • Students-teachers performance in school system
  • Teaching-learning process in the school.

Research Questions

The following questions were raised;

  • Does the location of your  school have any impact on teachers and student productivity
  • Does the provision of social amenities have any impact on teachers and student performance?
  • Does the provision of conducive environment have any impact on teachers and students productivity in secondary school?
  • Do regular payment of benefits on teacher student relationship to performance?

Research Hypothesis

  • There is no significant impact of school location on teachers and students productivity in secondary schools
  • There is no significant impact of provision of social amenities on teachers students performances in secondary schools.
  • There is no significant impact of provision of conducive learning environment on teacher’s student’s productivity in secondary schools. There is no significant impact between paying of benefits and motivations on teacher’s students relationship to performances.

Significance of the Study

If conducive environment can be provided, it will enhance teaching and learning processes which invariable enhance the school effectiveness. The study will contribute immensely to the high productivity of the school, the parent and the government. The study will also assist policy matters or school administrators to formulate functional educational policies.



Determination of the Study

The study will look into the study of school environment and encouragements on the productivity of the teachers and how it affects the academic performances of the students in secondary school in Akure. Attempt will be made to study internal and external environment variables influencing teacher’s student performances as well as the power of motivation on teaching and learning processes. The teacher involved will also be interviewed on various things that enhance them to work better and how they are being affected by the environment.



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