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Table of Content



1.1     Background to the Study

1.2     Statement of the Problem

1.3     Purpose of the Study

1.4     Research Questions

1.5     Research Hypothesis

1.6     Significant of the Study

1.7     Scope of the Study

1.8     Definition of Term


2.0     Introduction

2.1     History of Physics as a Science Subject

2.2     History of Strike Action in Nigeria

2.3     Cause of Strikes in Schools

2.4     Strike and Rioting in Education

2.5     Students Performance and Teachers Strike

2.6     Process of Resolving Strike action in Nigeria

2.7     Summary


3.1     Research Design

3.2     Population of the Study

3.3     Sample and Sampling Techniques

3.4     Research Instrument

3.5     Validity of the Instrument

3.6     Reliability of the Instrument

3.7     Administration of the Instrument

3.8     Data Analysis


Result and Discussion


5.1 Summary

5.2 Conclusion

5.3 Recommendation

5.4 Suggestion for Further Study




The purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of strike action on the academic achievement of physics students in secondary schools in Nigeria. The study is descriptive research of the survey type. The population was drawn using a simple random sampling method in secondary schools in Ekiti State. Questionnaire was used as the research instrument for data collection. Four research questions and four hypotheses were raised. Data collected were subjected to frequency count and percentage score. The findings among others show that strike action have negative impact on the academic achievement of physics students in senior secondary schools also nonpayment of teachers salary leads to strike action. Government needs to respond to teachers’ request in other to curb strike in Nigeria, parent also need to take care and monitor the movement of their children and wards during strike; students also should read and engage themselves in academic programmes during strike. It was recommended that curriculum planners sectors association, teachers, parents, public and private sectors and other civil servants to ensure that strike action is curbed in Nigerian schools. They should ensure that teachers are taken care of and students are been encouraged so that Nigeria education will not continue to lack and be beyond standard.



  • Background to the Study

A student deserves to know how to enhance or explore effective achievement in his/her educational aspect. It even matter or relevant to reassure oneself about who a student is, such as individual under discussion finding himself or herself in a College, Polytechnic or University setting charges with the task of acquiring knowledge, skills and trying to modify his academic achievement the role of living in the midst of other colleague and getting about the acquisition of the desired knowledge which are modified and influence by both the materials and human features of the environments. The profile for this presentation consists of consideration of the responsibility of a student. A highlight of some factors which can hinder the effective achievement of the role of physics students are:

  • Failure to set target to be accomplished;
  • Lack of full knowledge or sometimes disregard for school rules and education;
  • The most hindrance is the strike action which could be the talk on this

This project attempts to examine the impact of strike actions on the academic achievement of physics students in secondary schools in Nigeria at large and Ekiti State in particular. The secondary school community is composed of many staff unions; strike by any of these unions has a tendency of lowering the standard of education especially the achievement of students in physics.

Examples of such unions are composed:

  • National Labour Congress (NLC)
  • Academic Staff Union of Secondary Schools (ASUSS)
  • Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) which this project will basically be examining.

This project is justified on NUT because it has the largest members in the secondary schools and also it is the oldest association among others associations are under the union. The union still operates most of the secondary schools. NLC is also controlling all the labour unions which the NUT is under their operation. In the month of June 2011 the union (NUT) went on five months strike which really affected the achievement of physics students because the student preparing for National Examination Council (NECO) were unable to prepare for their exams; their teachers which suppose to train them for the examination both the practical aspect and theoretical aspect of the subject were on strike, this lead to mass failure in the state. Likewise the SS 1 and SS 2 students preparing for their promotion exams where affected because they were unable to cover their syllabi due to the strike.

The researcher will be examining the impact of NUT strike on the quality and standard of physics students produced in secondary schools.

This study is necessary because education has the universal function of contributing to the preparation of the society by transmitting deals, values and norms from generation to generation thereby preparing the youths for active role in the society.

This study was based on formal education which secondary school is a sub-sector under it in Nigeria. This sub-sector has witnessed strike in the time due to the NLC strike actions. This actions which have first come up by the NLC Nationwide in May 2016 and later suspended after which the NLC Ekiti chapter embarked on the state strike which lasted for five weeks. During the strike, the secondary school students were unable to go to school because the NUT is under this NLC umbrella which has really crippled all the school activities during this period and the effect of these strikes has affected the effectiveness of secondary schools. This has always subjected the physics students to pitiable condition, giving students underserved extension in their study years for example when the 2016 strike was been suspended the calendar need to be extended at the initial stage the school suppose to close on the 29th of July 2016 but it has been extended to August 2016.

This strike was due to non-payment of workers’ salaries in the state which include the teachers and this has lead to some teachers staying back at home, while some trekked to their place of work under pity which has worsen teachers-students relationship amongst others.

Dillon, (2014) defines education as the process of inviting truth and possibility, of encouraging and giving time to discovery. Physics also deals with discovery with respect to time; the time limited due to strike actions has affected the level of practical in secondary schools.

According to Wikipedia, Education is the delivery of knowledge, skills and information from teachers to students.

The National educational law No. 20 of 2003, Education is danterencana conscious effect to create an atmosphere of learning and learning process so that learners are actively developing the potential for him to develop self control, personality, intelligence, noble character and the skills needed in the society.

John Paranlermalil (2012) says, education is a systematic process through which a child or an adult acquires knowledge, experience, skill and sound attitude. It makes individual civilized, refined, cultures and educated.

Aristotle (1988) stated in his book that the aims of education should include:

The realization of the capabilities and potential individuals; the training of the appetites which character moral development; the development of the body; the development of the intellect or reason. He further holds that none of the above should be emphasized at the expense of the other.

The Nigeria government in its 2014 policy on education includes;

  1. Free and democratic society;
  2. Just and egalitarian society;
  • A united, strong and self reliant nation;
  1. A great and dynamic economy;
  2. A land full of bright and full opportunity for all citizens.

Presently, education in Nigeria has not been able to achieve the noble objective, it is in deep problems, and paramount among these problems is the incessant NUT strikes, because of the following problems;

  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of understanding between the teachers and the government
  • Non-payment of salaries
  • Lack of accessibility to facilitates among others which has often disrupted academic activities.

In trying to find a lasting solution to these problems the commission set up by the federal government recommended in their report a 90% funding level for next year 2016-2017. The government attribute towards education is formal education is low due to the economic meltdown which leads to full strike of workers. The rate of inflation in the economy which is 16.5% as at 18th of July 2016, and the exchange rate of N 378 to US dollar did not help the matter. Judging from the economic meltdown, the review of the agreement which government bluntly turned down many times which lead to several strike actions. Also due to the non-payment of six months salaries to the workers also leads to several strike actions by the National Labour Congress (NLC) which also included the NUT since then the situation was further aggravated by the way government react to strikes action.

An educationist, Dr. Mosumola Adelegaan of Ido-Osi local government said on Friday June 10, 2016 that the just suspended strike by Nigeria Union of Teacher (NUT) in Ekiti State would worsen students’ performance in public examination.

The state NUT members are jointly on strike with the state workers demanding for improved conditions of service.

Results of Public examinations in recent times have put the state at a disgraceful position that requires hard work and thorough academic rejuvenation. The strike action in the state has affected most of these activities. During the 2015/2016 West Africa Examination, it is fortunate that the strike is yet to commence but during the national examination council (NECO) 2015/2016 but fully commenced  and the teachers were unable to train the students as at when due so the result will be affected either positively or negatively not like that of WAEC.


1.2     Statement of the Problem

The effect of teacher’s strike on educational system over the years has been an issue of public concern.

Huge resources are annually put into educational expansion as an investment intended to help reap corresponding returns. In this type of investment students are the prime inputs, their development is its prime output. Since students play an important part in the investment dimension of education, teachers and other practitioners in education have the responsibility of earning effective and efficient teaching and learning outcomes.

The problems associated with this study are; the lack of fringe benefits of the teachers, low salary and lack of promotion; shorter working days; political instability and lack of government interest in education. However, there has been strike in the system, which affects learning process. Thus we are of the view that strikes have negative effect on the learners. It is necessary that we discuss the impact of strike action on the academic achievement of physics students in senior secondary schools.

1.3     Purpose of the Study

The main purpose of this study was to call the attention of both the government sector, and private sector to the impact of strike action on academic achievement of physics students in senior secondary schools, also the old students associations of every school to examine the causes of strike action by the teachers.

  • Research Questions
  1. Does strike action have impact on the academic achievement of physics students in senior secondary schools?
  2. Does delay in teachers’ salaries lead to the strike action?
  3. Does strike make students in private school perform more than students in public secondary schools?
  4. Does the number of school dropout increase as a result of strike actions?
    • Research Hypothesis

Ho1: There is no significant impact of teacher’s strike on the academic achievement of physics students in secondary schools.

Ho2: There is no significant relationship between the teachers strike and delay in the payment of teachers’ salaries.

Ho3: There is no significant relationship between the academic achievement of physics students in private and public school.

Ho4: There is no significant relationship between teachers strike and the number of school dropouts of physics students.



1.6     Significant of the Studies

The significance of this study is to bring to the knowledge of the masses, Government, curricular planners, the impact of strike actions on our education system, physics students’ the impact of strike on our secondary schools and academic staff unions of  the secondary schools in enhancing socio economic and political development of the nation.

  • Scope of the Study

The context scope of this study is limited to finding the impact of strike action on the academic achievement of physics student’s in senor secondary schools in Nigeria. A case study of some selected public and private schools in Ekiti State.

1.8     Definition of Terms

In the research are define to enable us understand the context in which they are used.

  1. Teaching:- A process which bring about a relative change in behavior over time in academic situation
  2. Method:- This is a procedure in which a goal can be achieved in teaching
  3. Student:- A person who teachers (Profession)
  4. Strike:- A time or period when work is not done because of disagreement over pay or working condition
  5. Academic:- Teaching and studying in a college or schools subjects taught to provide skills for the mind rather than to the hand.
  6. Impact:- Have an effect upon
  7. Achievement:- Action of accomplishing something







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