Background of study


Education is a learning process. There are two type of education; formal education and informal education.

Informal education is the education receives at home, in a community abs as in learning a trade. Formal education is the education  received in the school. Before we can benefit effectively  from formal education the school and the community must co-operate. The most effective way by which they can co-operate is by the coming together of the teacher and the parents, hence the “Parents Teachers Association” an ingredient in the development of the child and the school.

The duty of parents does not stop at sending their children to school.

Parents Teachers Association is established to promote peaceful and cooperative co-existence between the school and the community and also to enhance the physical and social development of the school. The society has varying degrees of expectation of the role the school should play in it life.

The parent and the general public expect the pupils to develop certain attitudes and mental attribute necessary for the improvement of the quality of their life and that of the society.

School can exist in isolation at least, it must be affected by circumstance of thing in the environment and the world at large. Both the school and parents have get their role to perform for the benefit of each other and for the progress of the children who bind them together, hence the need for and the importance of the “Parent Teachers Association” before the P.T.A  can perform any function there must be co-operation between the teacher and the parents.

The parent should known that by working is contest with the teachers, the social life of their children is being enhanced. They should attend the P.T.A meeting regularly. There should be P.T.A executive that will be working committee. For the school parents should be given free opportunity to visit the school and give advice to the children at least twice in a term.

This will ensure that the parent get accurate idea of how the children are getting on and the parents clear with the teachers may misunderstanding or misgivings.

Such visits are more preferable than report lands the school also should co-operative by inviting the parent to all activities of the school like inter-house sports. One of the parent could even be made the chairmen such occasion and a price given ceremony

The school could organize adult education lesson for the parent the school can make some of it’s building available for community use of the school hall as reception hall for community ceremony eg   social meeting.

The P.T.A should meet regularly; it should have an effective executive council which should always plan for general meeting of the P.T.A .

There should be proper record of the meeting held and kept by the secretary who ideally should be one of the teachers. The treasure should be some body of an impeccable character honest and how they are being spent.

The P.T.A organizes the pupils to pay special levy. Infact this type of levy is paid by parents though their children. When the teachers find it difficult to collect this money as a result of the pupils or some parents not ready to pay the P.T.A executive gives a helping hand in collecting such money or levy. There should be free dominion by the parent to embark on vital project.

The money collected by the P.T.A can be used for the physical and academic progress of the school and the pupils such as general repair and building of classroom and; latrines. It can be used to improve the library. However while some P.T.A Members perform duties very well for the academic improvement of the school and the pupils, some for one reason or the other fail to perform

Some of the reasons of the non-performance of the P.T.A may be attributed to the following

  1. The character of the community in which the school is situated which vary from one area to the other for example the institution may be in a small relatively undeveloped village on the other hand, it might be in a large densely populated and highly developed village urban area. The P.T.A in a small undeveloped village will definitely not function well as P.T.A. in a highly developed area who are better informed in terms of exposure.
  2. The school may be confronted with problems of local politics, hostle attitude or in difference or lack of co-operation or the part of the staff.
  3. Another reason which may account for non-performance of the P.T.A. is the poverty of the parents, where most of them are unable to pay the P.T.A. levy prompt.
  4. Where the headmaster of the school colludes with the P.T.A treasurer to embezzle the P.T.A fund with allowing such money to be used one the project which it is meant, the other member s may get discourage and may be unwilling to pay subsequent levies, thus rendering the P.T.A functionless.

1.2                        STATEMENT OF PROBLEMS

Recently, most schools in Africa tended to isolate themselves from the community with the result that school and community proceeded along some parallel courses of development. This definitely effects the school/ parents relationship for example, in terms of parents providing all necessary school materials for their children payment of levies promptly aiding the school financially and helping the school to maintain the discipline among pupils. There is no doubt that with all mentioned above the academic standard of the school vis-à-vis that of the pupils will be adversely affected.


The purpose of the study is to evaluate the role of the P.T.A. in the academic achievement of primary school pupils in Ifedore Local Government Area. The study will also highlight the importance of the P.T.A within the school system, examine such problem controlling the P.T.A in the changing philosophy of educational Funding in schools. the researcher will give useful suggestion on the roles which the P.T.A should perform in order to up life the academic performance of their children and that of the school in the study area.


Questions for Head Teachers

(1)       Has you school a functional P.T.A body? Yes or No

(2)     Do the parents visit you in your school?

(3)     Do you hold the P.T.A meeting frequently?

Question For Parents

  1. Do you provide you pupils their needs; like Text book, school uniform etc?
  2. Do you visit your pupils in school?
  3. Do you attend P.T.A meeting regularly?
  4. What role do you play in the P.T.A meeting?

1.5     Significance of the Study

The P.T.A helps the teachers understanding of the home background of their pupils through the P.T.A parents are able to know the academic record of their children and what steps to be taken for improvement. by being constant touch with the teachers, the parent are able to know what the teacher are trying to accomplish with the children and what other staffers are also doing to help.

because school activities affect family life, it is essential for parent and the teachers to meet from the time.

The co-operation of the parents and teachers promote healthy or good discipline in the school and in the home.

through the P.T.A; parents are awere of the progress of their pupils.

Through the P.T.A parents could help improve the physical structure of the school by providing funds when necessary through the P.T.A meeting, problem of discipline in the school could be discussed; such as lateness to school, malnutrition, non-payment of school fees non-provision of school materials. it the parents notice some practice among the teacher which can harm the academic work of their children, and example is where parents receive report that teacher do not stay in the school to teach their lesson, such an issue can discussed at the P.T.A meeting the study will also encouraged the parent that regular visit to the schools is important in that if will enable them see their children at work and know their academic perforamcne both in indoor and out-door, such visit will enable them discuss with teacher on how to improve the academic standard of the school.

1.6     Definition of the Study

this study is liited to Ifedore Loacal Government Area of Ondo State; This is so because no such research had been carried out there.

it is the most popular local government in Ondo-State, because of her production of Cocoa and Kola nut. it is bounded in the worth by Ekiti West Local Government Area  in the south by Akure Local Government to the East by Idanre Local Government and to the West by Osun State. There are forty three primary school in the study area and only five of the primary school are involved in the study. they are judiciously located in the main towns making up the local government area

The primary school include:

  1. St Mary’s R.C.M primary school Ijare
  2. Local Authority primary school, Igbara-Oke
  3. St. Johns’ primary school, Ilara Mokin
  4. St. Davids Anglican primary school, Irese
  5. Emmanuel Anglican primary school, Ikota

1.7     Limitation of the Study

This project was not easily executed due to some physical and human problems. for example, most of the people contacted for moral interview only give dates and some put non-challant attitude, some of the people also demanded for drinks and money before they could provide the research with information.

Another impediment was that some of the P.T.A members in the area though that the writer was a secret of government; and because of this, some of the questionnaires send out were never filled non returned to the researcher.

1.8     Definition of Terms

  1. Education: is a process in which we help a person to learn to use his knowledge to help himself and others
  2. Evaluation: is a continuous process through which we assess the progress of the school and the pupils
  3. Questionnaire: is a list of questions provided which the respondent is expected to fill by himself
  4. Indigenous: something which is not imported, it is part and parcel of a place
  5. Interview: is a direct way of obtaining information from people in a face to face situation by asking oral question.       



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