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Table of Content



Background to the Study

Geographical Background

Statement of the Problem

Significance of the Study



Research Question






Literature Review

The Background to the Traditional Marriage Ceremony

Yoruba Family Set Up

Yoruba Dressing Code

Christian Marriage

Biblical View about Adultery and Fornication

Difference between Traditional Marriage and Christian Marriage




Historical Marriage Akoko South West

Instrument for Data Collection

Preparation and Validation of Instrument

Administration of Instrument


Analysis of Data

Contribution of Tradition Marriage in Akoko South

The Obligation link in the rhythm of life

A Unity link in the rhythm of life

The building of a family

New relationship between family

Regaining a lost immortality

Bringing people together

Remembrance of parent after death

Multiple Marriage

Relationship between parent and the children

Preservation of life through taboo










As it is generally known in Nigeria that traditional marriage is the traditional way of practicing marriage ceremony in Yoruba land. The writer before finds it necessary to examine the progress of traditional marriage in Akoko South West Local Government of Ondo State. The purpose of the study is to find out the effect of traditional marriage in Nigeria secondary school. Students perform woefully in social study as a result of the problem arising from traditional marriage set up.




The Yoruba culture and tradition is not completed if and where the general attitude of the people towards family life is mentioned of which marriage is a major aspect.

However in discussing this issue we have to make a general look to the marriage tradition recognized by the Yorubas. Seeing if it has been able to stand the test of time with the fast trains into modernization experienced in Yoruba Land, One this phase, we shall examine the various challenges that the Yoruba traditional marriage has faced with the advent of western ideologies that brought in other types of religious practice like Christian, and Islamic on its part, bringing the influences this challenges has certain solution to this problem of identity and possibility of facing challenges to come of traditional marriage on the Yoruba culture yesterday, today and the future to come.

Geographical Background

The Yoruba had a complex pre-colonial system of urban residence, economic production and trade (Bascom 1969). Their pre-colonial town crafts, dating from the middle ages, were among the earliest developed in Africa. Yoruba towns are mentioned in written records of the sixteenth century. Those towns were composed of enclosed compounds, with descent groups carrying in size from 20 to 2000 person living together in each compound.

According to tradition, the Yoruba migrated from the North-East between the seventh centuries, establishing ile-ife as their city of origin and spiritual capital, from which the sons of their founder, Oduduwa, were sent forth to found their own cities and kingdoms (Lioyd 1974).

The typical traditional Yoruba compound contains a large matrilineal and patrilopal betended family. The head of the family is usually the most senior male member and the men are normally polygamous with each wife having a separated room.

A wedding as a marriage ceremony which usually has associated celebrations, depending on the types of wedding. A traditional wedding is usually take place in the grooms parents and their relatives will join hands together with them to celebrate.

Apart from the singing of the hymns offering of prayers to the divinity. A careful reading of the traditional wedding. even in the scripture God has been acknowledge as the one who instituted marriage. The solemnity of the wedding is impressed upon covenant is declared irrevocable, only terminating upon death of one of the two partners.

One after the wedding has been concluded can the couple consummate their marriage. Any sexual intimacy between them before wedding ceremony as fornication which has a section and also it’s a taboo to any one to involve in this act and if anybody should do such an act it will bring dishonour to such person and its family.

Oxford advanced learner’s dictionary of current English, sixth edition by A.S. Hornby Edited by Ashby. Described marriage and wife which involve sexual relationship.

Statement of the Problem

The problem on this study revolves round the influence of traditional marriage on the development of Yoruba tribes in Akoko South West Local Government Area as the primary problem.

Significance of the Study

Akungba Akoko is a town in Akoko South West Local Government Area of Ondo State Akungba has

There is some level of diversity in social and political organization among the Yorubas but they share many basic features. Inheritance and succession are based on patrilineal descent and members of  the same patrilineal live under the authority of a headman. The Yoruba are people deeply rooted in customs and traditions. To narrow the scope of this paper, will be discussed.


Bride Gift:- A bride price is the payment a man makes to the parents of his intended wife. This parent can be made either in money or in kind. Such as livestock and coops.    

The giving of a bride gift is a common practice in Nigeria. It has several social and traditional religious values. This was particularly true in the past. for the girls family, the bride gift is an expression of great regard for their daughter, who is not to be given away like an object of no value. despite the bride price, the lady will still be an active member in her father’s house. because bride gift is not regarded as the selling price of the girl in Yoruba land.


Traditional Yoruba Religion:- This involves worship and respect of Olorun the creator, of Orisa, duties, and of Ancestor the purpose of Yoruba religions is to achieve “divine censoriousness” the Yoruba believe in having an earthly consciousness and a heavenly consciousness. To them conscious searching and right can bring the earthly one into alignment with the heavenly one. Yoruba do not worship ancestors but they respect them highly. ancestor who has lived a good life are beehive to be able to help their living descendents to also live good lives and Olorun (Owner of sky) is God he is the creator.

But no shrine exist to him, no organized priesthood. He is invoked in blessings or in thanks and one said to be the prophet and structural originator of the Yoruba religions. He is also worshiped. He was probably a real person around whom many belief have risen.


Is there any influence of traditional marriage on people of Akoko South West Local Government Area.

Is there any significant impart of traditional priest to traditional marriage.

Is there different between the traditional marriage and Christian marriage


There is no significant influence of traditional marriage in the people of Akoko South West Local Government Area

There is no significant between the traditional marriage and Christian marriage.





This study was delimited to the influence of traditional marriage on people of Akoko South West Local Government. The reference in neighboring to towns and impact of Christian marriage were merely that of comparison.


The study was limited by two major things firstly, most of the fact in the study are based on responses from oral interview conducted by the researcher. Those oral evidences may have been exaggerated or some parts forgotten since the subjects interviewed are mostly 75 years of age.

Secondly this study was limited by the fact that the very few among the subjects over the age of eighty years were illiterates who could only give relevant but not adequate information since they were not part of the sipterm. Facts given have to be carefully interpreted by the researcher in order not to distort them since they were given in Yoruba.



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